November 27 to 29, 2018

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"Excellent! One of the best captive insurance conferences I've attended." "Once again, it was an excellent conference." "Great job! The most valuable captive conference we attend each year." "Excellent education."


Attendees are invited to complete the short Post 2018 Forum survey asap and provide feedback and suggestions for CCF2019! (click here). 

Registration for non-members opened from 10:00 am EST Monday August 13, 2018 with Registration Code "Forum26" for Delegate Non Member & Networking admissions from this link (now removed). NB: Cancellations whether by email or online must be received at least a week befor the Forum to qualify for a refund - see details below:

(click here to view the 2018 attendees)

Members, Speakers, Sponsors & Exhibitors - please contact for your Registration Codes

Please note: Delegates staying for a minimum of 3 nights may reserve a room at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman from the Forum 2018 room reservation system which is now almost sold out. Please contact to be placed on their waitlist. Click here for the various hotels and condos etc.

Remember to bring the 2018 Customs and Immigration - Introduction Letter (which is available from this link)

To view a pdf list of our 2017 Forum attendees (click here)

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The 2018 Forum APP (Sponsored by Milliman) is still available! View attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, agenda and session topics. (you may also view our forum Archives - click here

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To download the free CCF 2018 mobile app, search "Cayman Captive Forum" in the Apple or Google Play stores.

Remember to “Log in for more features” (press the three bars at the top left of your devices screen and enter your name to receive the verification code to the email that you registered with).


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Dress Code - Business Casual

Quick links:
Save the Dates
Notes for 2018
New for 2018
Forum App
Registration and Pre-Registration Date Schedule
Registration - Important notes for registering groups and clients
Registration and Cancellation Fees
Accreditations (see Agenda)
Thursday Evening Beach Reception
Golf Tournaments

Save the Dates

The Cayman Captive Forum 2019 will be held at The Ritz-Carlton*, Grand Cayman from December 3 to 5, 2019.

The Cayman Captive Forum 2020 will be held in Grand Cayman from December 1 to 3, 2020 (the week following USA Thanksgiving). A venue has not been determined as yet.

* IMAC has a block of all available guest rooms at The Ritz-Carlton where reservations will be accepted only for registered Full Forum Delegates.


Notes for 2019

Attendees who do not wish to attend the Thursday evening beach reception will have the option of registering using the "(excl.Thu. Reception)" registration items and save US$ 150.00.

CIMA meetings will be held in the Lyra room located on the 5th floor (click here for 5th floor floorplan) which also has seating areas in the foyer (click here for photo) for quiet discussions.

The Ritz-Carlton's Business Services team and the KPMG Lounge are located on the 5th floor at the top of the Grand Staircase near the lobby.

Attendees are reminded that only holders of Delegate passes will be admitted to the morning or afternoon sessions, including the keynote speakers. A video feed of the morning sessions will be available in the Rembro Room as an alternative seating area for Delegate pass holders only. Networking pass holders are not permitted to attend any speaking sessions, morning or afternoon (with exception to Pre-Forum Tutorials on Tuesday morning). Also note that there is plenty of seating for ad-hoc meetings in the tent on the Great Lawn when breakfast and lunch are over.

We will be limiting the total attendees on the Thursday Evening Beach Reception to ensure adequate seating and ample food. Admission is included for all Delegates, Networking and Speaker registrants. A Delegate may purchase a guest/spouse admission to just the Thursday reception or all 3 receptions. 

New for 2019

  • Tuesday Pre-Forum Tutorials – these will continue to be held on Tuesday morning and will continue to be complimentary for all delegates and networking attendees.
  • Tuesday afternoon – we will commence educational sessions on Tuesday afternoon in two tracks that will finish by 4.45pm
  • Wednesday and Thursday afternoons – These days have been restructured to allow for educational sessions to finish by 3.45pm in order to allow delegates more free time for meetings and networking.
  • CCF Brochure – will be a tri-fold one page publication as all information will be included on the CCF App.
  • Say goodbye to the days of transcribing business cards collected during the forum. We now have a Lead Capture App. Contact us to discuss.
  • Golf – will be held on Tuesday morning as normal with a further tournament on Friday afternoon subject to demand.
  • Club Lounge & Culinary Studio – We are hoping to be able to open these on Tuesday afternoon as well as the usual Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Registration will open in phases as per below with pre-registration available for speakers and members. 


Registration and Pre-Registration Dates

Sign up for our eNewsletter and be on our mailing list for registration and upcoming Forum news etc.

Note: Please use a valid email address when registering yourself or a spouse/guest/client or associate as this is a key field and will allow you to return later and amend your registration(s).

Book now at the early bird rates. They increase by $100 starting midnight Saturday November 10, 2018. Only cancellations processed online or received by email by Monday 19 November 2018 will qualify for a refund.   

1. Wednesday July 10, 2019 Pre-registration - for Captive Owners who are IMAC Members is available by invitation from your Cayman Captive Insurance Manager. Once registered as a Full Forum Delegate (not Networking) you will be redirected to the Ritz-Carlton’s custom Cayman Captive Forum 2019 Attendee room reservation webpage*.
2. Monday July 29, 2019 Pre-registration - for all remaining IMAC members is available by invitation emailed from IMAC at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time. Once registered as a Full Forum Delegate (not Networking) you will be redirected to the Ritz-Carlton’s custom Cayman Captive Forum 2019 Attendee room reservation webpage*.
3. Monday August 12, 2019 General Registration opens from 10:00am Eastern Standard Time. An email will be sent at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time to all those on our eNewsletter mailing list with a link to this page.
4. Membership lists for Associate Members and Class B Members (Captives) can be found from these links.

* IMAC has a block of all available guest rooms at The Ritz-Carlton where reservations will be accepted only for registered Full Forum Delegates.

Note: Confirmed Speakers will be emailed a speaker validation code which allows them to Pre-Register and reserve a room from the Speaker room block at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. 


Important Notes for registering groups and clients

- Please ensure that you have provided the correct email address (this is a key record) for each registrants, which must only be used only for that registrant, and a telephone contact number for each registrant. Note: Generic made up email addresses, e.g., should not be used except as a last resort (e.g. for spouses). A Confirmation email with the Forum Confirmation number will be sent automatically to each registrant which should be retained as it provides the link to allow the registration to be modified.

- You may register a group of attendees and settle with one credit card transaction. The first person is the Primary Registrant and will receive all confirmation emails - so maybe don't register your boss first unless he wants a flurry of emails. If you check the "I am registering on behalf of this person(s)" you will also receive confirmations for each in the group. Retain the confirmation(s) so that you may revisit your registration(s) to process amendments, additions, substitutions, cancellations and so forth.

- To register Members at the discounted Member rate you will need the Registration Code which will be emailed from the IMAC office to all Insurance Managers and Associate Members. You will also be asked for the IMAC membership number; these are listed on the membership pages. e.g. Class B’s (i.e. Captives) are at:  /members/captive-insurance-company-members.aspx

- The Registration Code for non-members (will be available above and is not case sensitive).
- For Registration Codes for Speakers and certain others please contact us at 

- You will require a valid Credit Card to complete registration. This is very important as it facilitates any refunds etc. Accordingly settlement by cheque, bank transfer etc will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and will be subject to an additional US$ 100 manual processing fee per person for any refunds.

* IMAC has a block of all available guest rooms at The Ritz-Carlton where reservations will be accepted only for registered Full Forum Delegates i.e. not Networking attendees.

- Reservations may be made at other hotels and condos at any time and early booking is recommended.


2019 Registration & Cancellation Fees and Receptions 

NB. Service providers hosting evening receptions, dinners etc are requested to schedule these so as to not compete with the IMAC Forum events on Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00 pm, Wednesday 5:30 - 7:00 pm and Thursday 6:00 - 9:00 pm. 

CCF2018 Registration Items Table


*  Book now at the early bird rates. They increase by $100 starting midnight Saturday November 16, 2019. Only cancellations processed online or received by email by Monday 25 November 2019 will qualify for a refund.   
1. Complimentary for Speakers and Sponsor/Exhibitor Delegate Passes.
2. Complimentary for Sponsor/Exhibitor Networking Passes.
3. The Thursday reception (wristband required) is included for all Delegates, Networking and Speaker passes as per the above table (unless you register excluding the Thursday Reception) until it is sold out at which point Delegates and Networking passes will still be available but excluding the Thursday reception at a US$150.00 discount. Each admission to the Thursday reception will require a wristband which is available on conference check-in for those who pre-registered in time.  A Delegate may register one (1) spouse/guest for just the Thursday Night Beach Reception at the discounted rate of US$ 150.00 (limited to the first #200 spouse/guests)or all 3 receptions at the discounted rate of US$ 300.00 as an optional item during registration. Once these are sold out we will be operating a Wait List in case overall registrations have not reached the #1,350 limit.
4. Additional tickets for other guests for the Thursday reception may be available as a separate item at full price of US$ 250.00 nearer to the date of the Forum subject to the overall #1,350 limit. 


Registration Items Descriptions

Full Forum Delegate – IMAC Member – Early registration US$925; late or on-site registration US$ 1,025.00 (cancellation fee US$ 100.00).  Pre-Registration opens in July 2019 per above

Includes attendance to all morning and educational sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons (including Pre-Forum Tutorials on Tuesday morning) and all networking functions (breakfast, lunch and the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening cocktail events) for the registrant only. There is an optional item for a Full Forum Delegate to register one (1) spouse/guest for just the Thursday Night Beach Reception at the discounted rate of US$ 150.00 ( cancellation fee US$ 10.00), as an optional item during registration (limited to the first #200), or all 3 receptions at the discounted rate of US$ 300.00 (cancellation fee US$ 25.00). Any guest or spouse of the registrant wishing to attend the various networking functions should register separately for a Networking Pass. 

Full Forum Delegate – Non-IMAC Member - Early registration US$1,175.00; late or on-site registration US$ 1,275.00 (cancellation fee US$ 150.00) - NB. General registration opens Monday August 12, 2019.

Registration includes the same items as above.

Networking Pass Only – Early registration US$550.00; late or on-site registration US$ 650.00 (cancellation fee US$ 40.00).  General registration opens Monday August 12, 2019.

Includes attendance to Pre-Forum Tutorials on Tuesday morning, all networking functions (breakfast, lunch and the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening cocktail events) and the exhibit hall for the registrant only. (Excludes all other morning and educational sessions). Note: Only Delegates will be permitted to enter morning and/or afternoon educational sessions.

Signature Cocktail Reception on Seven Mile Beach -  US$250.00 (cancellation fee US$ 15.00. No refund if cancelled during the week of the forum.) Note: This event is limited to the first #1,350 registrants and has sold out every year so Delegates etc are are asked to register early to avoid disappointment.

The Thursday Evening Beach Reception is the grand finale of the Forum and includes a luscious beach BBQ, complete with fireworks. This is included for all registered Delegates and Networking attendees subject to the #1,350 limit.  

Sponsor/Exhibitor Staff Pass - US$250.00

Allows Sponsors/Exhibitors staff access to the exhibitor areas, breakfast and lunch, hospitality suites. (Excludes ALL receptions)

Pre-Forum Tutorials – Complimentary

Get to class!  The Tuesday morning's pre-forum tutorials are included in all Delegate and Networking passes. See here for a list of the sessions.


Golf Tournament 2019 (Registration Not Yet Open)

Play in the golf tournament, sponsored by Performa and Orbis, at the Greg Norman designed course at The Ritz Carlton Golf Club, Grand Cayman (click here for details).  The format is a 4 person scramble with a shotgun start. There are prizes for winning teams, longest drive, closest to pin, etc. Sign up a team or as an individual.  

The Golf Registration fee of US$200.00 includes cart, green fees, continental breakfast and light lunch. Rental of clubs (US$ 50.00) and shoes are paid separately at the Pro-Shop. (The cancellation fee is US$ 20.00 if cancelled at least a week before the golf event and US$ 100.00 if cancelled in the week of the event.)

Tuesday, December 3rd - Golf Tournament 7:30am to 12:00pm (click here to register or view attendee directory) - link not ready


Contact Us

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Make your hotel reservations early as many Cayman hotels will sell out quickly. Visit our Travel page for information on special Forum rates for hotels, condos and car rentals.   Visit Cayman Islands Department of Tourism for a complete selection of hotels to choose from and be sure to tell them you are attending the Cayman Captive Forum. 



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