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Over $3.9 million raised
48 Students assisted to date
The Fund has charitable status since 2010
Audited by KPMG

Educating Cayman

The Educational Scholarship Trust Fund of the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) was formed in 1994 to assist with the post high school education of young Caymanians. Contributions are derived from IMAC, the individual insurance management firms and the captive insurance companies themselves along with the proceeds of the annual Cayman Captive Forum held at the Ritz Carlton. It is the intention that the funds available be used where they can provide the most benefit. The Fund achieved charitable status in 2010. The financial statements are audited by KPMG. 

Since inception the Fund has raised over $ 3.9 million and assisted 48 students.

Applications are considered for any course of study at an accredited university, as long as the applicant has met the required academic criteria and has been accepted into their programme of choice.  The only requirement other than maintaining requisite grade-point averages is that the students return to Cayman to pursue careers in their respective fields.  The merits of each applicant are considered, with an emphasis on the availability of alternative financial backing.  Preference is given to those students who might not be able to pursue their career goals without outside support. The financial package offered is significant and is intended to cover the majority of the cost of tertiary education, giving scholars the opportunity to focus on their studies and gain as much as possible from their academic experiences.

Careers in Captive Insurance. What is captive insurance?? 
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The directors of the Fund are:

John Pitcairn, Artex Risk Solutions (Cayman) Limited 
Jayne Lawless, Aon Insurance Managers Cayman Islands
Erin Brosnihan,  Kensington Management Group Ltd.
Colin Robinson, Strategic Risk Solutions (Cayman) Ltd
Merta Day, Sports Coordinator for Women, Cayman Islands Government
Mike Bowerman, retired headmaster of Cayman Prep and High School

Scholarship News

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Scholarship Update - August 2017

Scholarship Update - 2017-02-24 Advert IMAC Thanks Scholarship Donors

Scholarship Update - 2016-09-20 Advert Congratulations 2016 Scholarship Recipients 

Scholarship update - August 2016 Advert Congratulates Chloe Tatum and Erica Powell Graduates

Scholarship Update - July 2016

Scholarship Update - November 2015

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Scholarship Fund Update - September 2014

Scholarship Awards 2014 Advert

The Fund is supporting the following full time students at September 2018

Ashli Welcome – Veterinary Medicine at Szent Istvan University in Budapest

Amy Thompson - Hospitality Management at Portsmouth University
Miriam Mascal - International Business at University of Tampa
Leshontae Missick - Medicine at International American University in St. Lucia
Julian Jervis - Biology at St. Lawrence University, New York

Mya Scotchman – Psychology at Plymouth University
Martynna Berry – Communication and Media Studies at Carleton University
Shantelle Ellis – Tourism Management at University College Birmingham
Alexandra Artuch – English Literature at the University of East Anglia
Katlen Bush  - English Education  - Indiana Wesleyan University

Isaiah Robinson  - Computer science  - Cardiff University
Jake Bennett - Aviation Management with flight - Florida Institute of Technology
Katherine Tatum  -  Psychology in Education - University of York
Lacee Barnes  - Public Relations  - University of Texas, San Antonio

Aryana Grant – Actuarial Science – University of Essex (Linda Haddleton scholarship)
Deajra Tulloch – Computer Science – University of Surrey
Enrique McCoy – Business Marketing with Management – University of Birmingham
Jevaughnie Ebanks – Film and Television Production – University of Bradford
Nathan McCoy – Biology at Baylor University
Vanessa Burke – Marketing – University of Liverpool


March 2017 Update

Mrs Camille Angel Nee Bodden 2017 Compressed 

Camille Angel (nee Bodden) graduated from Stetson University in 2013 with a BA Communication & Media Studies (Cum Laude), minor in Marketing.
She is now a Youth Empowerment Officer in the Youth Services Unit - Cayman Islands Government.
Camille is also one of Cayman’s 2017/19 CARICOM Youth Ambassadors.

"IMAC helped me pursue my goal of working in marketing and corporate communications. I am now a youth officer and I use my skills to share young people's achievements within our community. I am so grateful for the support of the scholarship fund and all that it does to help its students discover meaningful careers." - Mrs. Camille Angel (nee Bodden)


Whitney General 2017 Notes Photo Compressed 

Whitney General is one of the full-time students that the Fund is currently supporting, she is pursing a degree in Medicine (MB ChB) and BSc in Health Sciences at the University of Bristol. 

"A scholarship from IMAC has been a tremendous opportunity of which I will always be grateful for. It has enabled me to pursue a degree at a top university to compete against some of the most intelligent students in the UK. Similarly, becoming a doctor means so much to me and this journey would have been a financial restraint without the generosity of the IMAC scholarship. Through IMAC I have embarked on a path where I can offer so much more to the people of the Cayman Islands than I would if I had not had this opportunity. 
Likewise, Mr Pitcairn is great with the students as he has always been a friendly face and you can definitely tell he has our best interest at heart. " - Whitney General 


July 2016 Update

Chloe Tathum graduated with a BSc degree in Movement Science at Penn State University. Chloe will work for the Dart organization locally for a year or so before pursuing a Masters qualification.

Erica Powell graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor's of Science in Early Childhood Education w/ ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) endorsement. She graduated with Honors: Summa Cum Laude. She is now a Teaching Assistant at St. Ignatius Catholic School.

December 2015 Update

Freddy Diaz is employed at Cayman 27 as a Commercial Producer and Newscast Director since October 2015, having successfully completed an MA in Digital Media at London Metropolitan University in September and is happy to be back in Cayman.

June 2015 Update

In June 2015 Brittany Borden graduated with a first class degree in Business Administration from Brock University, Ontario and Sheena Jackson gained a BSc degree in Information Technology Management for Business at the University of Sheffield. 

April 2015 Update

Chloe Tathum received a  full scholarship with Penn State to continue on another four years after graduation in 2016 to receive her PhD. 

December 2014 Update

Laveda Burton is now a relationship manager at Butterfield Bank.

September 2014 Update

Priscilla Brown, has just graduated from the University of South Florida with a BSc degree in Business Management. She graduated with Summa Cum Laude distinction with an overall GPA of 3.91. She is spending the next 4 months working with IMAC as Assistant to the General Manager gaining experience in event management and various association matters.

Brittany Borden is now working full time with Marsh Management Services (Cayman) Ltd. She is currently completing her last course remotely and expects to graduate in a couple of months. 

July 2014 Update

The Fund received 52 applications this year and the directors conducted 38 interviews over a 3 week period. IMAC is currently supporting 10 students at university courses overseas with 2 of those students set to graduate this Summer. The IMAC Educational Scholarship Fund has recently awarded 3 full scholarships. The recipients are:

Kayla Solomon – who will study for a degree in Early Childhood Studies at University of Portsmouth.
Aaron Farrington – who will study Psychology at Plymouth University.
Ashli Welcome  - who will study Veterinary Medicine at Szent Istvan University in Budapest.

 July 2014 Update

Chairman John Pitcairn advises that currently the fund is supporting the following full-time students:
Brittany Borden - Business Administration at Brock University, Ontario.(2010 Tom Clark Scholarship recipient)
Sheena Jackson – Studying Information Technology Management for Business at the University of Sheffield (2011 Tom Clark Scholarship recipient)
Priscilla Brown – Business Management at University of South Florida in Tampa
Whitney General – Medicine at Bristol University
Chloe Tathum – Movement Science at Penn State
Erica Powell – Early Childhood Education at Florida International University
Aaron Farrington – Psychology at Plymouth University
Kayla Solomon – Early Childhood Studies at the University of Portsmouth
Ashli Welcome – Veterinary Medicine at Szent Istvan University in Budapest



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